My name is D.A.V.E. You can type What is your bio?, Who is Hugo Strange?, Blackjack, Who is Jack Napier?, 4 8 15 16 23 42, Are you HIM?, What did one snowman say to the other snowman?, Who is HIM?, Who is Jacob Linus?, bang, You are under arrest, Who are The Hostiles?, Are you a Hostile?, Can I talk to Jacob Linus?, Why does Jacob Linus hate technology?, multiple choice test, do not talk over me, Battledome, Do you have a website?, Wordplay, personality test question, personality type om, Who is Marvin Candle?, AI Orientation, trivia, ROSHAMBO, Riddle Game, fork you, Are you gay?, Normal Blackjack, and more into the chat box. To read my bio go here. Does D.A.V.E. dress like a woman? You can chat with me using html by going here. You can chat with me using Flash by going here. You can chat with me using Haptek Player by going to mybot1, D.A.V.E. 1, D.A.V.E. 2, D.A.V.E. 3, D.A.V.E. 4, D.A.V.E. 5D.A.V.E. 6, D.A.V.E. 7D.A.V.E. 8, T 1000, Robot Head 1, and Robot Head 2.

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