Pandorabots Landing Page

Now you can create a custom landing page for your chatbot in less than 5 minutes!

Open your Pandorabots dashboard and expand the chatbot menu you wish to use. Select the Deploy option. This will display all the different channels and platforms you can use to connect your chatbot with.

Click Setup for the Landing Page channel. Note you may need to upgrade to access developer channels. This will open the design page template for you to customise how your landing page should look. You can now click and edit the various options to get it appearing just how you want.

The mandatory fields are indicated by a red asterisk next to them and include page title and description, image/video link, and page contact name and links.

Chat Widget setup have default values so to customize it, scroll down and enter in your changes. For more details, see documentation.

All done? Great! Click the Publish button to create your new landing page.

Visit your page to verify your customizations. You can return and make updates as necessary, and also delete the page if needed (will not affect your chatbot in anyway). Note that if your chatbot wasn’t already deployed to production (green dot status), creating your landing page will automatically deploy your bot to production.


One final thing, notice the “Report Content” button at the top of the landing page?

If a visitor to your page finds something inappropriate, i.e. spamming, adult content, copyright infringements and so on, they may click on that and we’ll take a look. If it doesn’t comply with our Terms and Conditions, we will remove it (and possibly the chatbot and user account too).