Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AIML?

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) is a simple, XML-based scripting language and the open standard for writing chatbots. We recommend taking the Quick Start (accessible via the user icon drop-down menu) to learn AIML basics and Bot Building 101 for a deeper dive.

What is the difference between AIML 1.0 and AIML 2.0?

The AIML 2.0 specification introduces a number of new features to the language that dramatically improve the natural language processing power of chatbots. The current Pandorabots AIML interpreter is mostly backwards compatible with AIML 1.0, so platform users can make full use of any AIML 1.x bot files. However, it does not currently support Javascript, and character encoding UTF-8 is required. For more details, please read Dr. Richard Wallace’s full AIML 2.0 specification.

What happened to the AIML 1.0 platform?

You can still access the AIML 1.0 platform here. However, it is no longer supported as of 2015 and all existing users will be eventually upgraded to the 2.0 service. We encourage you to upgrade and note that the current platform is backwards compatible with AIML 1.0 so you can easily upgrade by uploading your files.

How can I address common AIML related alerts / errors?

What AIML Libraries are available?

Pandorabots offers free, open source libraries (like Rosie, ALICE, and Base Bot) in addition to premium libraries and modules available for an additional montly fee. Contact us to learn more.

What tags are supported in AIML?

Please visit the AIML Reference section of the Pandorabots Documentation for a full ist of supported tags.


What is an API alert?

When your application gets close to or exceeds a limitation you will be alerted via email. Please see the Limits section for more questions about limitations.

What is an application (app) ID and user key?

To access the API you need both a user key and application ID for authentication. Your user key must never be shared with anyone else, and if you ever have reason to believe that it has been compromised, regenerate the key on your Account Page.

How can I find my user key?

You may find your user key (and regenerate it) on your Account Page, under the Pandorabots API Channel on the Deploy page.

How can I find my app ID?

You may find your app ID under the Pandorabots API Channel on the Deploy page.

I’m not a developer - can I use the API?

The API is designed with developers in mind but user friendly tools like the Pandorabots Command Line Interface are accessible for any motivated self-starter eager to study the documentation. But why not try some of the other channels like Chat Widget, Pandorabots Landing Page, Facebook Messenger, etc.!


How do I create a bot?

Create a new bot by clicking on the “+” icon next to “My Bots” on the Left Navigation bar.

Can I host my own bot?

Sure! There are a number of open source AIML interpreters available in the wild of varying degrees of quality and continuing support (i.e., use at your own risk!). You can download your bot files at any time via the Editor.

However, you cannot license and download an on premise version of the Pandorabots Platform, which is a strictly SaaS offering that requires expertise to run. Unless you are highly advanced technically and have lots of time to spare building an interpreter from scratch or modifying a deprecated code base, we highly recommend using our best in class interpreter-as-a-service.

What do the bot indicator lights mean?

What does it mean if my bot is compiled / uncompiled?

There is a green (or yellow) indicator light next to your bot, meaning that it is currently compiled, i.e., working. If your bot becomes uncompiled (meaning something is broken!), a red indicator light will appear, along with the menu item “Compile.” Clicking on “Compile” will display compilation errors (often caused by malformed AIML such as missing tags or syntax errors). Fixing the errors and saving (or clicking on “Compile”) will re-compile your bot.

The Code Editor can also help debug your AIML errors. Some AIML syntax errors are flagged in the editor with a red [x] with error description if you hover your mouse over the error icon.

Can I create a bot in any language?

AIML can be written in almost any natural language. Segmentation is required for some languages - please contact us to learn more about our machine learning based segmenter and other language-specific tools.


What Integrations are available?

Visit the Deploy Page to see a list of available integrations, which provide an easy way to publish your bot on third party channels like popular voice and messaging platforms.

What Integrations will be available in the future?

Supported Integrations are determined by a variety of factors including, but not limited to, technical feasibility, ecosystem demand, and platform partner relationships. If you wish to see support added for a channel that is not currently available, please email us at and we’d be happy to consider your request.

Are custom Integrations available?

Yes, Pandorabots can develop and provide custom integrations for Enterprise Tier platform users. All other users are welcome to roll their own and integrate bots hosted on the platform into their application using our RESTful API.


What is the max file size I can upload?

The maximum file size for upload is 2MB.

What is the max number of concurrent queries?

There is no maximum number of concurrent requests imposed on the Free and Developer Tiers per se, but if you anticipate generating more than 200 requests per second, please let us know. Generally speaking, chatbots generating a high volume of messages qualify for the Enterprise Tier, which is designed to flexibly handle as many concurrent requests as may be required by you application. Please note that certain Messaging Platforms also enforce their own rate limits - visit their policies directly for more details.

What is the average response time for bots?

The average bot response time is 0.3 seconds (300 milliseconds). Exceptionally large bots can also take a bit longer to initially load into memory. Additional latency can occur due to third party factors such as the deployment platform or client’s network connection.

What is the average uptime for the system?

We strive for service level uptimes of at least 99.5% for all users. However, only the Enterprise Tier guarantees uptime levels of 99.5% or higher.

Is there a limit to how many bots I can create?

The Free Tier allows up to 2 bots; Please review the home page for other plan allowances.

Where are my chatlogs from last month?

Chatlog data and monthly statistics are only available dating back the previous 30 days. You may download your logs at any time from the Logs page. If you require longer or custom storage, dashboards, or analytics, please contact us to inquire about the Enterprise Tier.


What is a “message”?

A “message” is one input/output interaction between a client (the person chatting with your bot) and your deployed production bot. Any messages between exchanged with your staging bot during development within the Sandbox are free of charge, as is all other usage of the Sandbox to develop your bot.

What is included in the Free Tier?

The Free Tier provides unlimited Sandbox or Staging access to the platform, meaning that you can develop, test, and review logs for up to two bots for free! Once you are ready to unleash your bots to the public, a valid credit card will be required to access the deployment features of the platform. We offer a 2 week trial period for our Premium Tier plans.

What is included in the Premium Tier?

The Premium Tier includes all the features of the Free Tier plus 10+ bots, email support, access to deployment features of the platform, and more messages per month for production bots. Please review our Pricing Table for more details.

NOTE: for grandfathered usage plan “uUI Plan” no longer available/documented in our Pricing table, the first 1000 messages per month are free. After that, you will be charged $2.50 per 1000 messages up to a hard cap of 100,000 messages per month.

Why is a credit card required to access certain features?

The paywall barrier to making your bot publicly available is part of an effort to maintain high quality standards for bots published on the platform. While we’d love to make everything free, there are commercial realities involved in running a bootstrapped business. We hope you enjoy the service and find it valuable enough to consider supporting our efforts.

When will Pandorabots charge my credit card?

Our billing cycle is monthly using UTC time. Charges are typically made between the 5th to 6th day of the month.

How do I track monthly charges and access invoices?

You can track your monthly usage (updated in real time) and associated charges to date by visiting your Account page, where you may also access your monthly invoices.

Do you offer student discounts?

Please have your organization or department head email us with any relevant details and we will consider the request.

How can I update my credit card information?

Visit the Account Page to update (or delete) your credit card and other personal information on file.

Privacy, Security & Legal

Is the Pandorabots Platform HIPAA compliant?

The Pandorabots platform is not HIPAA compliant by default, but higher levels of security and compliance are available at the Enterprise Tier. Please contact us for further details.

How is my data used and stored?

Please read our Privacy Policy for further details.

Do I own my bot?

Yes, all the code you develop using our platform is owned by you or your organization, except in certain cases such as when you have chosen to make your code open source.

My bot was deleted!

Bots that violate our Terms of Service can be deleted any time at Pandorabots’ discretion. If you believe your bot or account were deleted for some other reason, please contact us at

As a general policy, we recommend routinely backing up your bot files. You may download a zip file any time from the Files tab in the Editor.

User Interface

What is the Edit menu?

We have multiple options for you to edit your chatbot. The Code Editor is your gateway to creating and maintaining bot files. It is an embedded version of the ACE editor and is optimized for editing AIML files. The Code Editor is best for those who want to write AIML code. The Intents Tree allows you to visualize your chatbot’s intents and reductions, as well as create and/or update them. The Chat Design is another visual tool especially good for creating rich media AIML. These last two editting tools provide a level of abstraction where the bot developer does not need to know detailed AIML syntax.

What is the Deploy page?

The Deploy page provides access to a variety of channels in which your chatbot can be deployed, both Pandorabots and Third-party channels such as Facebook Messenger, etc.

What is the Logs page?

The Logs Page provides chatlogs (i.e., conversations clients have had qith your bot) dating back 30 days. Chatlogs are indispensable for improving your bot, and you should review them regularly and make updates accordingly. You may download your logs at any time using the Download Icon on the Logs Page.

What is the Account page?

The Account page is useful for managing your Pandorabots account. If you have upgraded from the free tier, you can view your account usage, user and billing details, and have access to API Settings for custom integration to our production API. You can also delete your account from this page.

What is the DIRECTORY?

The Internal Bot Directory is a place where you can publish your bot-in-progress for other Pandorabots users to talk to, and chat with their bots as well. It’s a great way to train your bot, exchange logs and feedback and foster the community! This is a channel that Sandbox users can take advantage for unlimited usage.

What are Libraries?

Libraries are open source AIML files you can modify or incorporate into your chatbot to avoid “re-inventing the wheel.” If you have created a collection of AIML files you would like us to consider listing as an available library, please contact us!

What are Modules?

Modules are similar to libraries insofar as they allow you to extend your chatbot with pre-written AIML code, but unlike open libraries the code is a “black box” to protect the author of the module’s IP. Because modules often consist of valuable or proprietary code, there may be a fee entailed with usage.

Why are some features locked?

Certain advanced and premium features provided by the interface require a valid credit card on file to access. We give away as many free tools and services and open source software as possible, but still need to gainfully employ the people who work hard to make these available for you! We hope you’ll find the service valuable and consider supporting our efforts.

What does it mean if a feature is “Coming Soon”?

Features labeled as “Coming Soon” are on our roadmap and development is often in progress, meaning the feature should be available in a forthcoming release within several weeks. This is our way of sharing our short-term, public roadmap with you. If you have a feature request, don’t hesitate to let us know!