Pandorabots, Inc. Acquires Chatbot Technology from Franz Inc.

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San Francisco, California, Jan. 4, 2009 /PRNewswire/ – Pandorabots, Inc. ( today announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire from Franz Inc. the chatbot software currently hosted at Pandorabots, Inc. shall provide all future support and services for existing customers effective immediately.

This chatbot application available at is the largest collection of chatbots in the world. Pandorabots, Inc. makes this announcement while noting it has reached two significant milestones. More than 100,000 chatbots have been built at the site by independent developers. And more than 500 million human-chatbot conversations in a variety of different languages have been recorded for use with constructing new chatbots.

Mr. Kevin Fujii, President of Pandorabots, Inc. said “With this acquisition, Pandorabots, Inc. intends to offer chatbots for use in multiple venues, such as toys, games, internet communities, vending machines and other kinds of devices. In addition, Pandorabots, Inc. is developing tools for Marketing companies and Advertising agencies wishing to deploy chatbots in a variety of settings”.

Dr. Richard Wallace, Founder and Director of the non-profit Alice Foundation - which promotes and supports the development of open standards for chatbots (, added: “the Alice Foundation welcomes Pandorabots, Inc. to the community of companies supporting the Alice Foundation’s goals, and we are very happy that Pandorabots, Inc. has committed to support our goals of promoting standards for the development of chatbots”.

Mr. Fujii concluded that: “the acquisition of allows us to focus on developing this software further and partners and customers can be reassured that we will continue to provide superior products and services backed by Pandorabots, Inc. highly-rated technical and marketing support personnel”.

About Pandorabots, Inc.

The Pandorabots Platform is a development system that enables companies to endow almost any object with human-like interactional capabilities - by drawing upon emotion, voice, text and graphics. Pandorabots brings objects to life - endowing them with life-like interactional skills. Unlike traditional computer interfaces, a Pandorabot develops strong emotional bonds with humans. Developers use the Pandorabots Platform to foster emotional bonds with customers.

Pandorabots are used by Marketing agencies developing brand awareness in customers through viral marketing campaigns. Advertisers reach specific demographics by creating Pandorabot chatbots for use in innovative high-impact branding programs and targeted web advertising.

Pandorabots can be deployed in a variety of settings, and can be easily customized to work for any spoken language.

Pandorabots, Inc. was recently formed to support and develop the Pandorabots Platform available at The company intends to focus on developing chatbot applications for a variety of settings. The company has the largest collection of data collected from actual human-chatbot interactions in a variety of languages. Developing chatbots that people like to interact with has traditionally been quite difficult and time consuming. Using the Pandorabots Platform in conjuction with the Pandorabots data is an inexpensive and rapid way to develop chatbots that people love to interact with.