Premium Services

Our free services are just one of the factors making the Pandorabots community so great. You may wish to consider some of our premium services to really distinguish your pandorabot.

Pandorabots AI as a Service (AIaaS)™

Pandorabots offers cloud-based services for building, publishing and deploying pandorabots (intelligent chatbots). We make it easy for developers to create and maintain chatbots. More importantly, we provide real-time APIs so that application developers can incorporate real-time natural language processing capability into their applications in minutes using client-side code.

Mobile Services

Pandorabots offers clients for mobile services. You may easily create an Mobile App with the client, and connect it to Pandorabot servers.

Web Service Hosting Options

Our Web Services free you from the costs of creating, managing and maintaining your own chatbot site. Our services provide the infrastructure that you need to develop and host a chatbot - at a fraction of the cost of performing this work in-house. Rather than bear the costs of program development, including chatbot development, data collection tools and server maintenance, you can concentrate on developing avatars, content and special customizations. We use a combination of our own servers coupled with cloud resources from suppliers such as and others.

Software Solutions

Want to host your own chatbot server? Contact

Want help on rapidly creating high-quality content? We have a collection of tools and services to help you.


Our training programs help you rapidly develop the skills at composing knowledge content for your pandorabot.


Pandorabots offers specialized “brains” - essentially specialized knowledge in specific content areas. Some of these data sets are royalty-free and others are available for purchase. Contact for more information.

Pandorabots has collected an enormous number of input sentences. We offer custom data mining services aimed at developing custom content for specialized domains.