Web Services

Whether you require one bot or a dream team of bots, Pandorabots is ready to support your bot hosting needs. Pandorabots offers three levels of hosting services (quick link Pandorabots Web Hosting Services: Comparison Table):

Free Community Service

Through of April 2013 our free Community Service is home to more than 180,000 botmasters and 221,000 (“chatbots”) in multiple languages. Over 1.7 billion conversational interactions have occurred between clients and pandorabots, and this number increases rapidly (it can be seen near the top of the center of the Pandorabots home page). Pandorabots are used all over the web - enter the expression “talk?botid=” (and include the quotes) into a google search box to get an approximate latest number.

Get started by signing up for your free account at www.pandorabots.com. Learn more about our Community Service.

Shared Service

Our Shared Service limits the number of simultaneously hosted pandorabots while improving system and pandorabot performance. Learn more about our Shared Service.

Dedicated Service

Our Dedicated Service provides dedicated computer resources exclusively for your pandorabots. Learn more about our Dedicated Service.