Pandorabots Web Services Comparison Table

  Community Service Shared Service Dedicated Service
Community Service Shared Service Dedicated Service
Computer Resources      
None Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed
Chat Interactions
Rate Limited 100,000 Unlimited
Additional Chat Costs
Not Available $0.001 Free
Chat Log Retention
None Guaranteed 1 month 1 month
Service Level Agreement
No Warranty Cloud Supplier Warranty Cloud Supplier Warranty
Software Features      
Startup Customizations
Knowledge Development Environment
Application API
Sell Your Pandorabot
Monitor Conversations
Persistent Predicates
,O ,O ,O
Pandorabot Possession
X X ,O
Monthly Fees
Free $75 $1500
Prepaid Annual Discount
Free $800 $16,500
Additional Costs
Free Interaction Fees Cloud Service Fees
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Paypal Payment Options

You may subscribe to any of the services using paypal - with the single exception of the Prepaid Annual Discount for the Dedicated Service (as it exceeds paypal transaction limits). Contact us at if you wish to subscribe to this service.

Community Service Summary

We provide free computer resources to host your pandorabots at Pandorabots. You share these resources with the public. This service is free and we are unable to offer any warranty or guarantees for this service. Currently this service is available worldwide.

Within the Community Service environment you are limited to available resources at hand, and these may vary widely depending on the number of people using the services. We are unable to offer performance guarantees or any other kind of warranty for this service.

Shared Service Summary

We provide shared computer resources to host your pandorabots. You share these resources with others, and we allocate resources to optimize performance while minimizing costs. Currently this service is available only in selected countries. You pay $75 per month for each pandorabot you create with this service. Please be aware that with this service you may easily create additional pandorabots, and you will be automatically charged an additional $75 per month for each additional pandorabot you create. Because of the ease of creating additional pandorabots, you may be better served with the Dedicated Service.

Within the Shared Service environment you are limited to 100,000 interactions per day per pandorabot. Interactions exceeding 100,000 interactions in any one day shall be charged at a rate of $.001 per interaction. The Dedicated Service plan lifts these limitations. Conversations logs shall be maintained for up to one month. You may download conversation logs at any time.

Dedicated Service Summary

Under our Dedicated Service plan, you receive exclusive access to computing resources to host your pandorabots. Currently available only in selected parts of the world. Depending on your requirements, Pandorabots will configure its web services in the cloud, so that it is dedicated to your application.

We establish an account at a cloud hosting facility (usually Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud) and install our software on the cloud servers. We invoice you monthly for these cloud services. These costs depend on your requirements, and typically run about $150 per month.

In addition to the cloud services fees described above, you will be charged $1500 per month (or any fraction of a month), and you may use up to 25 bots per month for this service. Additional bots shall be charged at $75 per month (or any fraction of a month).

Typically most pandorabot deployments encounter no limits on the number of interactions (conversations) your pandorabot(s) may have. However, for the few cases in which really huge numbers of simultaneous conversations occur (and we have yet to encounter one of these cases), hardware limitations may impose an upper limit on the number of simultaneous conversations. Pandorabots offers consulting services to provide cost-effective strategies for these cases.

Conversation logs shall be retained for 1 month, and you may download the logs for archiving at any time.


If you have questions, please contact for more information.