Shared Service

We provide shared computer resources to host your pandorabots. You share these resources with others, and we allocate resources to optimize performance while minimizing costs. Currently this service is available only in selected countries. Although the subscription link may change in the future, at the time of this writing you can visit the subscription page. If this link no longer functions, this document is out of date and please contact for more information.

Service Package Details

Within the Shared Service environment you are limited to 100,000 interactions per day. Interactions exceeding 100,000 interactions in any one day shall be charged at a rate of $.001 per interaction. The Dedicated Service plan lifts these limitations. Conversations logs shall be maintained for up to one month. You may download conversation logs at any time.


Monthly Subscription Fee: $75 ($900 per year) per pandorabot per month (or any fraction of a month).

Save even more with a Yearly Subscription Fee: $800 per pandorabot per year

Terms: Payment in advance, at the onset of service, and thereafter (unless you purchase a year in advance) at the beginning of each month through Paypal.

Please contact for more information.

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