Dedicated Service

Under our Dedicated Service plan, you receive exclusive access to computing resources to host your pandorabots. Currently available only in selected parts of the world. Depending on your requirements, Pandorabots will configure its web services in the cloud, so that it is dedicated to your application. Contact for more information.

Service Package Details

We establish an account at a cloud hosting facility (usually Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud) and install our software on the cloud servers. We invoice you monthly for these cloud services. These costs depend on your requirements, and typically run about $150 per month.

In addition to the cloud services fees described above, you will be charged $1500 per month (or any fraction of a month), and you may use up to 25 bots per month for this service. Additional bots shall be charged at $75 per month (or any fraction of a month).

Typically most pandorabot deployments encounter no limits on the number of interactions (conversations) your pandorabot(s) may have. However, for the few cases in which really huge numbers of simultaneous conversations occur (and we have yet to encounter one of these cases), hardware limitations may impose an upper limit on the number of simultaneous conversations. Pandorabots offers consulting services to provide cost-effective strategies for these cases.

Conversation logs shall be retained for 1 month, and you may download the logs for archiving at any time.

Additional customizations are available. Contact


Monthly Subscription Fee: Quoted depending on resources required, but start at $1500 per month (or fraction of a month) for up to 25 pandorabots. Additional pandorabots are charged at $75 per month (or fraction of a month). In addition we invoice you monthly for providing cloud hosting services, and these fees are determined by the cloud-hosting supplier.

Terms: Payment in advance, at the onset of service, and thereafter at the beginning of each month through Paypal.

Please contact for more infomation

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