For Developers: How Do I Use Pandorabots AIaaS?

Pandorabots offers cloud-based services for building, publishing and deploying pandorabots (intelligent chatbots). We make it easy for developers to create and maintain chatbots. More importantly, we provide real-time APIs so that application developers can incorporate real-time chat and voice-based interactions into their applications in minutes using client-side code.

Pandorabots provides:

  • REST API endpoints
  • SDKs in major programming languages
  • Response data in a variety for formats (JSON, RDF, XML, ...)
  • Professonal Services support

Pandorabots has an existing service at for developers, available for free. Beginning in early 2014, in a series of releases, Pandorabots will announce new features and capabilities. Contact for early access to an alpha version of these new capabilities. New example uses (along with code) will be provided. Return to this page for updates.

Put a pandorabot on a Webpage

Question: How do I put a pandorabot on my webpage?

Answer: You may put your own independently developed pandorabot (created on or you may put the award winning Alice pandorabot on a webpage.

Follow these directions.