For Product Managers: Give Your Product a Voice - Overview

Bring your product to life with a conversational interface powered by Pandorabots’ Artificial Intelligence. Whether you are building a new product or augmenting an existing product, Pandorabots solutions allow you to immediately add conversational interactive capabilities to your product.

We Will Help You

In addition to our award winning technology, Pandorabots offers Professional Services to help you develop or deploy your product based on our mobile and webservice offerings. We offer trained staff and pre-qualified outside consultants to help you deploy your applications through our webservice offerings. Our services include interactional content development (i.e. knowledge development specific to your application - domain-specific content development), strategic product planning (for new and existing products), marketing, and engineering support services. We offer our Professional Services through Support Packages.

Support Packages

We offer Support Packages that focus on helping you realize your business goals. Our Support Packages are designed to offer customer-centric consultative services to help you make the best use of our services. Our representatives generally serve as internal advocates for your success. Areas of help include:

  1. feature requests to support your business requirements
  2. implementation strategies that lead to increased ROI benefits after the initial implementation and rollout of your application
  3. better use of tools and staff training
  4. establishing user communities - with the goals of fostering
    1. user groups that help each other, and the subsequent decrease in service requests
    2. increased user adoption through promoting viral network adoption of your application
    3. real-time validation and testing for new services/features of your application with early-adoption users
    4. timely feedback from improving your application offerings

Service and Support Plans

Separately, we also offer service and support plans focused on fixing shortcomings or other issues that are impairing your use of the software.