Planning For The Future: What Are The Applications?

The Internet of Things

An increasing number of devices (TVs, Toys, Refrigerators, etc.) are connected to the internet daily. How do we interact with them? Keyboards are good only for short interactions. Voice and gestural control are two natural interface modes.

Pandorabots specializes in developing software robots residing on the devices that speak and learn from human interaction. Pandorabots believes there will be social networks of software robots that work behind the scenes supporting human-centric applications.

Pandorabots believes the market for these kinds of robot-enabled devices is poised to explode. Here are some applications we expect to be available soon.

  • Digital Advertising

    In the near future we will be interacting with all of our devices. Targeted creative optimization, based on conversational content will emerge - along with a myriad of tools supporting digital campaigns. These campaigns will engage people through entertaining and useful interactions. Imagine your favorite brand’s logo coming alive in the form of a communicating avatar.

  • Toys

    Imagine a Teddy Bear that talks to you. Imagine a board game - and pitting your skills against a software robot opponent. Imagine learning games, or a software robot reading books aloud to a child.

  • TV and Entertainment Center Devices

    Talk to the machines making up your entertainment center. Ask for interesting content. Change channels without picking up a remote. Internet connected devices are conversationally accessible through CaaS.

  • Smart Home - Talking thermostats, Refrigerators, stoves and more

    Tired of programming your thermostat? Can you even read it? Talk to it instead. Want to be reminded of when to discard something from the Refrigerator? Or how to make a particular recipe? Talk to your vacuum cleaner.

  • Automobiles

    With on board diagnostics a software robot can easily tell you about the state of your car. Expect to be able to wake it up with trigger words - and then start asking it questions. Your car can tell you how many miles remain in your tank of gas, and even suggest local gas stations that may be offering special sales.

  • Video Games

    Entertainment is made far more real with the use of intelligent software robots.

An Illustrative Example: Call Center Support

Until recently contacting a call center involved possibly:

  • navigating a menu-tree of numbers,
  • waiting to speak to a human (possibly located far away) or
  • struggling unsuccessfully with an automated voice-response system.

Or perhaps a visit to an online support page was offered, requiring the potential of endless searches among a set of topics for something resembling the problem.

Using (AIaaS), Call Centers can quickly incorporate useful voice-based (or text-based) help responses. CaaS operates 24 hours a day, offer responses in any language (with some limitations), and scales in response to call volume spikes. Because logs are kept of all client interactions, improving the service is easy and painless. Call Center Staff can observe in-process interactions and intervene (by becoming the software robot) and assist in providing timely and useful client interactions.

It is easy to develop useful Chatbots when the knowledge domain is constrained. What does this mean? When the number of possible answers can be put into a list, it is easy to recognize all the ways that a question can be posed and return the correct answer. So if you have an answer “knowledge base” it is easy to train a chatbot to recognize client questions and return useful answers.