Pandorabots - Knowledge Content DevelopmentΒΆ

How long someone remains interested in interacting with your pandorabot may be the best measure of the quality of your pandorabot. And the most interesting pandorabots are constructed with this goal in mind. Authoring a compelling pandorabot depends mostly on writing skill and very little skill with computers. Pandorabot knowledge is organized into units - called AIML categories - knowledge is grown with a mark up language known as AIML. You will want to become thoroughly familiar with writing high-quality AIML patterns to achieve this effect. It takes less than a day to learn enough AIML to begin authoring a pandorabot. And all advanced uses of AIML can be learned in less than three days.

Do you need help creating your pandorabot? Do you want to consult with experts as you develop your pandorabot?

Pandorabots offers AIML consulting services. These services include:

  1. Classes on AIML - contact for a quote
  2. General consulting services on AIML
  3. Extensions to AIML for specific applications
  4. Content Creation - Help on creating specific pandorabot applications

Consulting fees are $150 per hour. Please contact for more information.