Data ServicesΒΆ

Pandorabots has collected over 1.4 billion interactions between clients and pandorabots. Most authors start with a basic pandorabot knowledge set - Alice AIML Set, and then increase their pandorabot’s response repertoire by adding new AIML pattern to this set.

As a pandorabot author there are two approaches you can take in creating and adding knowledge to your pandorabot.

  • Imagine in advance all of the possible questions (and statements) your pandorabot might encounter. And use these to draft responses. However, accurately predicting the types of inquiries likely to be encountered turns out to be hard.
  • Alternatively, examine actual conversational data typically encountered. And since Pandorabots has very large conversational logs, use these large data sets to draft appropriate responses for a variety of topics.

Using the Pandorabots Data Services you can find answers to questions such as:

  1. What are the top 10,000 most frequently encountered statements posed by clients to pandorabots?

    With these statements, authors of pandorabots can create much more interesting and relevant content. You can easily write new AIML patterns that ultimately lead to more interesting pandorabots.

  2. For any given topic, what are the most frequently encountered statements?

    For many kinds of topics, we can quickly offer you a list of the most frequently encountered interactions.

  3. How many categories should an interesting pandorabot contain?

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