Pandorabots Corporate Profile

Pandorabots is a company supporting the development and deployment of artificially intelligent chatbots. Pandorabots has the largest installed base of chatbots. Our chatbots engage clients in deeply interesting and user-driven experiences. What sets our chatbots apart from other self-service interaction options is the use of natural language and emotions. Chatbots can be used in almost any application currently based on human interactions. And our newest chatbots are based on strong learning and reasoning technologies. Virtual Personal assistants are where we are going next.

Application Markets

Here is a brief list of the Chatbot application areas for which Pandorabots have been successfully deployed.

  1. Voice-based device interaction

    Use a Pandorabot on a Television, a smart phone, or just about any kind of device - and use your voice to change channels, send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and just about anything else supported by the device. Ask a Pandorabot to do things for you, in your own way. A Pandorabot is easily authored to learn and understand what you say, and more importantly, to understand what you mean. A Pandorabot talks back too. You will build a relationship with your Pandorabot, and you will keep finding more and more ways to use it.

  2. An entirely new approach to search technology

    What if you have developed a relationship with a personal assistant appearing in the form of a pandorabot - that faithfully carries out all of your searches for you? What if you are no longer reliant on typing queries into a search box, you simply say them instead? What if you are willing to allow appropriate ads to be conveyed by your assistant? Answers to these questions suggest that our entire model of online advertising could abruptly change.

  3. Create a virtual version of yourself

    In the same way that a photograph captures you at a moment in time, you can now capture a realistic virtual version of yourself. At Pandorabots you can, in essence, burn into silicon a virtual representation of yourself and your descendent’s can explore what it was to be like you in future generations.

  4. Game playing, virtual worlds and story telling

    Conversational characters with emotional depth greatly expand the experience of any game or story. Many virtual world applications use pandorabots to retain people’s interest in the virtual world.

  5. Interviewing and testing scenarios

    Chatbots can easily and reliably collect testing and interview data.

  6. Learning applications

    Chatbots are ideal for teaching certain kinds of knowledge. For example teaching English as a second language through the use of virtual teachers allows unlimited practice with new and novel language forms.

  7. Advertising and Branding applications

    Clever use and presentation of characters creates a memorable and deeply lasting impression in customers.

  8. Customer Service Applications

    Interactions with appropriately developed customer service representatives can improve service experiences.

  9. Customer Sales Applications

    It used to be simple: you talked face-to-face with a customer and sold a product. Today’s complex customer relationships require extensive profiling, a variety of contact points, and complex services. With each customer encounter, you learn something new about the customer. And with a customer sales virtual agent, you can retain all of this information, and build upon it.

Strategic advantages

Chatbots are developed and deployed on a web-based hosting service supplied by Pandorabots. Chatbots can also easily be moved to other kinds of devices (phones, kiosks, physical robots, toys, etc.). We created Pandorabots so that anyone can easily create and publish a chatbot with a minimum of knowledge. We are strong believers in Open Source and the large parts of our work are available under licenses like the Apache 2.0 and GPL.

Pandorabots has collected an enormous number of interactions (more than 1.4 billion) since inception, and has a very large corpus of knowledge about the types and most frequently encountered interactions in almost every subject field. This knowledge is used to facilitate specialized chatbot development.

Financial information

Pandorabots is a privately held company headquartered in Oakland, California.

Management team

  • F Kunze, Chairman
  • K Fujii, President and Founder
  • Dr. Richard Wallace, Chief Science Officer and Founder
  • H Levy, CFO
  • C Meldrum, Advisor, Founder

Contact Information

Send mail to or call us at:+1 415 343-5894