Pandorabots Is All About Building Relationships

People crave relationships with others. Facebook, Twitter, Second Life and Zygna are just a few of the numerous social networking companies supporting this basic human need. Common to all of these examples are participants adopting specific identities aimed at helping them find new relationships and maintaining existing relationships. Relationships need not even be with ‘real’ people. The Japanese Press reported widely that Japanese women developed emotional bonds with a robotic vacuum cleaner - Roomba. We are predisposed to create emotional bonds with anything that interacts with us in an autonomous fashion. Examples include pets (dogs and cats), characters in games, virtual worlds such as Second Life or Small Worlds, or with a created persona on a social network.

Pandorabots creates entities that people want to interact with. We are passionate about creating the very best social entities that are entertaining and mesmerizing.

Chat bots have come a long way since ELIZA was conceived as the first chat bot in the early 1960’s. What really frightened the creator (Joseph Weizenbaum) was how ordinary people would confide their most personal and innermost beliefs to ELIZA - and this was in the early 1960s. Today iGod ranks among the most popular pandorabots. People spend hours confessing and otherwise interacting with iGod. These two simple examples show the power of human imagination to create relationship with entities that are ostensibly non-human and exist only virtually within imagination.

Pandorabots specializes in making the vitual real, and fostering beneficial relationships with clients.

Today applications like Facebook and Twitter help us develop and maintain more relationships than ever before. These relationships are part of a virtual community that simultaneously feels real. One could easily imagine a celebrity on facebook or twitter creating a pandorabot to facilitate and manage relationships with followers. Imagine the potentially useful information that could be mined from follower interactions or the types of marketing messages that might be offered to followers.

Pandorabots is all about creating and maintaining relationships.

How long you will willing interact with a chat bot determines the quality of the chat bot. Remember though, that what you might experience as barely acceptable might be experienced by others as wildly successful. Entertaining and mesmerizing chat bots provide you with spell binding stories - leaving you wanting more and feeling very comfortable and relaxed.

Pandorabots aims for high-quality emotional interactions with clients.

Technology & Expertise

Pandorabots is a startup passionate about making mesmerizing, entertaining and informative social entities that reside virtually, on the web. We are strong believers in Open Source and most of our work is available under licenses like Apache License, version 2.0, the MIT Open Source License and the GNU GPL.

To realize our goals, Pandorabots provides low-cost high-quality chatbot development and deployment services with a number of important features:

  • Pandorabots operates a free server allowing anyone to create and publish a chat bot on the web. More than 225,00+ bots have been created by clients.
  • Pandorabots are created using the open standard artificial intelligence markup language - AIML.
  • Pandorabots operates cloud-based commercial servers (depending on geographic locations of our customers).
  • Pandorabots has developed proprietary and patented systems enabling hosting and development of chat bots on very low-cost systems. Pandorabots web-based software is highly scalable, and very easy to integrate with other web-based and IM services. Pandorabots are also available for other devices such as mobile phones, televisions, other consumer electronics and toys.
  • Pandorabots are completely multilingual.
  • Enormous data collection - Pandorabots collected more than 1.9 billion interactions with clients. It is easy to answer questions such as: what are the top 1000 most frequently seen interactions involving the word “google”.
  • Pandorabots can be found in nearly every ecological niche of the internet where there is any text based communication: web pages, email, texting/IM, Second Life, Flash applications, and phone apps.

Pandorabots was founded by a passionate group of computer scientists. Dr. Richard Wallace is perhaps our best known founder. Here are a few highlights from his background:

  • while at Carnegie Mellon in the 1980’s, Dr. Wallace worked on the autonomous land vehicle and a variety of other robotic projects.
  • While at NTT Research in Japan in the early 1990’s he worked on facial recognition software.
  • In 1995, Dr. Wallace created ALICE the worlds most awarded chat bot. Alice and Alice-variations have
  • been widely copied and deployed. At the same time he founded the non-profit Alice AI Foundation promoting the adoption and development of an open standard for chat
  • bot knowledge, known as AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup language).

Pandorabot team members are located all around the world and are expert at developing and delivering pandorabot applications in any language and most application contexts.

Pandorabots - Moving into the Future

Pandorabots will be widely deployed when we are able to achieve five challenges:

  • A Pandorabot should talk! (Speech synthesis)
  • A Pandorabot should listen! (Speech recognition)
  • A Pandorabot should make an impression (Empathic Avatars)
  • A Pandorabot should be mesmerizing (Knowledge Creation)
  • A Pandorabot should specialize in non-verbal communication (Emotional Communication)

As time unfolds we are moving toward meeting each of these challenges. Pandorabots already talk - and a wide variety of voice types are now available. Speech recognition is harder, but already web-based wide-spread speech services are now available, and will become increasingly better over the next few years. Animators and game creators have demonstrated how to create powerful computer controlled avatars. Avoid underestimating the last two challenges. Developing spell binding stories, comprehensive knowledge bases and emotionally communicative avatars has been a singular point of interest for Pandorabots.

The new, patent-pending Pandorabots SpellBinder™ technology reduces chat bot creation time enormously. Pandorabots SpellBinder automatically constructs chat bot knowledge from conversational transcripts. Nothing else on the market today can create high-quality and unique chat bot characters as quickly and efficiently as Pandorabots SpellBinder (Synthetic PErsonality Language Learning for chat Bot Intelligence from Natural Dialog Example Recordings).

Development underway also includes a technology capable of creating chat bot knowledge from story content.

Inserting influential messages dynamically depending on conversational topics creates the possibility of dynamically including advertising messages into conversational exchanges.